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Den Toilettepabeier deen d'welt rett

Stopp lech selwer mat Beem !


100% made of 

recycled Tetra Pak

Only made of recycled Tetra Pak. No armed trees,

A 100% recyclable 

cardboard box.

Delivered in a cute french cardboard box, 100% recycled, 100% recyclable.

short and local chanel

Produced in the Vosges, packed in Luxembourg:

Delivered to 

your door

Delivered to your place,

based on your needs.


The small shop

Rolly gives you two options

The adventurers

No more toilet paper?

Stay calm, Rolly will be at your front door 

Hold on, he's coming! 

The wises

Safety is no jock for you?

Choose the subscription.

Rolly will be at your front door every month !


The small shop

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