Frequently Asked question

An issue with the website?

A question on the product or the service? Something is not working on the website? You would like to receive a joke from Rolly? Do not hesitate to send us a message and we will find the answer.  You juste have to click here

I don't live in Luxembourg, what can I do?

Rolly hasn't yet found the correct system. We can only deliver in Luxembourg. But he is really excited to discover the rest of the world. Our advice for the moment would be to get it delivered to your office in you work in Luxembourg.

You are saying Rolly is eco-friendly but it arrives in a cardboard box with ink and tape?

We are busted! The reason why Rolly arrives in a box is because he likes to travel with friends. And at least he won't move in his box. This box is made in France with 100% recycled raw material and the box is 100% recyclable. You can even reuse it to build a castle or pack your christmas gifts. The ink we use is water ink and the tape as no plastic in it and can also be fully recycled.

What can I do with the roll inside Rolly?

You have several solution. You can either throw it in the recycling bin, or you can use it to do amazing DIY stuff. You will find more details on our blog.

I want to suscribe my business but we use jumbo roll?

Companies don't face the same question. Therefore, Rolly is offering a tailor made solution. You can directly go to the pro page or you can contact us using by phone 00352.661.502.963.

Is Rolly really 100% recycled ?

Rolly is 100% made from recycled beverage cartons. We don't use any paper fibre from trees. is Beverage carton are made of cellulose fiber for 74%, of polyethylene for 22% and of aluminium for 4%. The cellulose fiber is reused for Rolly, while the remaining part are used by our partner to build dispenser. You can learn more by clicking here.

Is Rolly made from beverage carton from Luxembourg?

Sadly we have no control on this part of the production. It depends of the market. For economical and ecological reason, our partner does his best to collect regional beverage carton, but without any warranty. Anyway, we advice you to throw your beverage carton in the dedicated bin (the blue bag in Luxembourg).

Why is Rolly a brown toilet paper?

Rolly has this nice brown color, or cream for some person, because no chlore or chemical product are used to clean it. Therefore it has a more natural color to respect the environment.

Is Rolly soft?

Rolly is soft, and strong. It is the least he can do. Maybe less than a paper using cellulose fiber from trees. But don't you think a tree has a higher goal than providing confort to your bum. But if for any reason you are not fully satisfied, send them back for a refund. Right here.

What is the minimal order ?

For the moment the minimal order is 24 rolls of 400 sheets. Two simple reasons for this choice. The first one is ecological and concerns the delivery. A 24 rolls box lasts on average 16 weeks for a 2 person household, which means only three deliveries per year. The second reason is economical. To offer you the best possible price, every aspect is important. Deliveries and boxes are essential, and a 24 rolls box appeared to be most coherent solution. We are thinking about additional solution because we know that stocking 24 rolls isn't always easy. If you simply want to try the product, we have a great return policy. Right here.

Is Rolly more expensive?

We usually don't speak about our competitors. If we only focus on Rolly, we tried to find the most correct price for our client, our partners and us. And we offer a cheaper subscription plan to thank you of your trust. You can find the different offer here.

Why is Rolly a superhero?

To make you laugh. Changing your habits for the planet can also be funny. He is not Superman but a nice little comics coming to Luxembourg to give you the opportunity to change a basic hygienic product into a eco-friendly product. Rolly is just a super friend for a simple gesture.