A basic move can easily

become an ecological move

All our behaviors are important to preserve the planet. A daily routine as simple as using toilet paper can become ecological if you are using the correct roll. Around the globe, 27 000 trees are crushed everyday to produce toilet paper. Thanks to Rolly, a basic move can easily become an ecological move.

This number comes from a WWF study

Rolly's 4 commitments


Our toilet paper is 100% made of recycled beverage cartons

Rolly is a 100 % recycled toilet paper, made from beverage cartons. No paper cellulose from trees is added, no trees have been used.


A 100% recycled

cardboard box, 100% recyclable


A short and local 


Rolly is delivered in a "cute" cardboard box made in the Vosges, 100% recycled, 100% recyclable. The ink and the tape we use are also eco-friendly and recyclable. 

Rolly is produced in the Vosges, France. Our boxes are made in the same area. It wouldn't make sens to waste our ecological gain by importing our product from far away.


Delivered to your front door based on your needs

Rolly is delived to your door, based on the frequency you will choose.

If you would like to know more, don't hesitate to check our FAQ or simply send us an email, we will be glade to answer it with as much details as possible.