ROlly and the professionals

Why rolly ?

We know, toilet paper isn’t top on your list of projects. But whether you’re a bar, a doctor office or a huge multinational, switching to Rolly 100 % recycled it's simply chanting a basic gesture into an ecological gesture. By choosing  Rolly for your restrooms you give the opportunity to both your clients and employees to increase their positive impact on the planet.

​We also know your needs aren't the same, that is why we offer you a tailor-made service.

1. We don't arm the forest. Rolly is really 100% recycled. We only use recycled beverage cartons.

2. We offer you a tailor-made service based on your needs.

3. We know your employees and clients have a soft bum ! Rolly is natural and soft, without chlore.

4. Rolly is soluble and will disappear in no time.

5. Rolly is so cute and funny. At least we think.

6. We had tons of reasons but we believe testing is the best solution.

Great !!! Where do I sign ?

To sign-up your business or get more informations it's really simple. You can drop us an e-mail at or send us a message below. You can also call us on the +352.661.50.29.63. We will come back to you in less than 24 hours.