Rolly's Sidekicks

Matthieu is posing
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Your superhero name? Blablator.



Your daily superpower?  When I start talking, people are like hypnotized. Not really sure if it is because it's fascinating or just boring.


Your Kryptonite? Food. If it's good I'm gonna eat so much of it I will have to take a nap right after.

Your gadget? My vinyls to give me strength.


You were your speedo above or under your pant? One under, one above. Perfect mix of style and efficiency.

Where is your secret hideout? I think you would have to seek around the forest of Luxembourg. They have amazing castle. But i won't tell you more.


Your superhero name?  Rolly

of course !


Your daily superpower? Simply Change a basic move into an ecological move. And make you smile !



Your Kryptonite? Chemical products and chlore.


Your gadget? My mask to walk around incognito.


You were your speedo above or under your pant? I don't wear any pant.

Where is your secret hideout? I found a pretty nice place in the Grund, it is pretty nice.

Camille can draw rolly without looking

Your superhero name?  Superkaks, with or without a cape !


Your daily superpower?  My feel-good vibe. I like to put a smile on people face.



Your Kryptonite? Huge nostrils.



Your gadget? My pencils! I like to draw at anytime and on anything!


You were your speedo above or under your pant? Above, no discussion! High-waisted and narrow for a better aerodynamysme.

Where is your secret hideout? You could find me in a bright place in Paris.